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Fall is the best time to shop for winter tires
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Fall has arrived and already the snow is falling in some parts, but it won't be long before the roads become slippery all across the northern snow belt. Retailers are already stocking-up on this year's allotment of winter tires. Now is the time to start shopping.

Most consumers don't think about winter tire purchases until the first big snow storm hits and then they are in a panic-buy mode. That means fighting crowds at retailers in hopes of finding a winter tire in-stock that comes in the size to fit your car. Shopping in the fall can alleviate some of the anxiety. At least then, if the retailer does not have the model you want in the size you need, chances are it can order it and have it installed at your convenience in time for winter.   

Waiting too long carries real risks, as the winter tires are typically manufactured the previous summer, meaning inventory is finite.


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